Quarter Guard

The Quarter Guard of this National Academy presents a Training Model. It demonstrates rising of Flag and Re-treat Ceremony, Kit Parades, Up-keeping of armory & surveillance of the campus of this Academy.

The Quarter Guard consists of two Drill Instructors, two Head Warders and eleven Warders for the custody of Arms & Ammunition in the Armory. The Armory of this Academy keeps Rifles with necessary ammunition for training purposes. Latest weapons i.e. G-3 and MP-5 Rifles have also been added.

The Quarter Guard also offers General Salute to the Chief Guests of Convocations regarding Opening / Closing Ceremonies of different courses & to the Officers on visit from the Ministry of Interior / Federal as well as Provincial Governments.


A well-stocked Library consisting of 5000 books and periodicals which includes various books relating to the subjects of Prisons, Laws, Rules & Regulations, Criminology, Penology, Psychology, and Health & Hygiene is maintained under the full time Librarian. Trainees of all the courses are asked to make free use of the Library. The Library has been equipped with a Computer for computerization of the Library books.

Audio Visual Selection is developed for fast assimilation of imparted knowledge through  audio visual aids.


Prison antiques of 1894 and onward are kept in the Museum of this Academy which includes bar fetters, ring fetters, chain fetters, cross fetters, bell chains, gratings and locks, prisoners’ uniform, Gunny clothes, pulping machine, old lamps and oil bottles exhibiting British legacy. These antiques also provide a very useful and research oriented knowledge to the participants of different courses, university students and visitors.

A Museum has been constructed, equipped with Prison antiques and old manufactured articles of prison industry. The maturity of this effort provided special studies and research on the punitive measures in the past.


The NAPA Computer Lab is equipped with Computers, Scanner, Overhead and Projector.  Basic Training in Computer Literacy is being provided to trainees of the various courses especially Assistant Superintendent and Clerical Establishment Course in addition to their training in relevant fields.

NAPA has an auditorium with a seating capacity of 16. There are seven full sized classrooms, two seminars rooms that can accommodate 40 meeting participants each, and a Computer Learning center with 15 work stations for students.



The Hostel of NAPA (on rental basis) is located in the nearby vicinity of this Academy which covers the residential requirement of trainees of lower ranks;

This Office has constructed cubicles at the campus of this Academy in order to provide better residential accommodation to the Prison officers under training. The maturity of this effort gave rise to a lot of savings on Government Ex- chequer.

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