About us

National Academy for Prisons Administration (NAPA)-being a premier federally instituted training institute for the study of Prison management comprising Laws, Rules/Regulations, criminal Psychology, Socio-cultural aspects to imprisonment/correction with related research & analysis.
To honour our constitution with regards to basic human rights, restorative justice, State(federation) also  holds the obligations towards  ratification to International protocols on UN standard Minimum rules on prisoners’ rights (Mandela Rules)and other subsequent protocols to which Pakistan as member State is  signatory.
Its mandate carries an aim to keep the client prison Inspectorates, up-to-date about understanding, application of   international best practices. Challenges towards the aforementioned benchmark are tremendous, considering the fact that our Prisons hierarchy is at the cross roads. Existing Prison paraphernalia and its wherewithal is within transitory phase. A change management requires to move  from  inherited  custodial mode towards corrections’ and rehabilitative mode. Though, a lot of milestones are to be covered but promising aspect being that journey had begun.


” To mitigate  state’s obligations toward  restoratie  justice  and rehabilitative  goodness .”

Our Mission

” Undertaking effective research based training and reform process for proficiently steering restorative/ justice reformative policy for a paradigm shift from custodial to correctional as per best practices.”

Training Objective:-

  1. NAPA, since its inception 1974 has made strategic investment to improve the quality and value of its training courses on flexible basis with regular revision of curricula, co-curricular activities, participants’ involvement in research activities and a focus on excellence on multifarious aspect of its training activities.
  2. As per United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for Crime Prevention and Treatment of Prisoners Geneva Convention 1955 :
  3. The prison staff shall possess an adequate standard of education and intelligence.
  4. Before entering on duty, the prison staff shall be given a course of training in their general and specific duties and be required to pass theoretical and practical tests.
  5. After entering on duty and during their career, the prison staff shall maintain and improve their knowledge and professional capacity by attending courses of in-service training to be organized at suitable intervals;
  6. To  improve the quality of in- service and on job training to those engaged in prison and correction matters  including redeeming institutions from  Probation & Parole Provision of  basic / professional / technical training to all the federating entities including  Azad Kashmir & Gilgit – Baltistan. 
  7. To enhance the capacities and outputs of prison managers, career based basic professional training of Prison staff of prison departments of all the provinces of Pakistan including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit – Baltistan on uniform basis.

       8.  The training is to be organized and oriented to ensure career development and grooming of Prison Officers and the ranks, at all levels, to effectively manage and administer the affairs of the Prisons in Pakistan.” 


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